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Unlock the Potential of Your IT Teams

Melbourne CBD, Grow Talent, Australia

What We Do

IT Recruitment

At Grow Talent, we provide tailored IT recruitment services that help businesses unlock their potential. Our transparent and efficient process keeps our clients updated and included in every step. 


As a DE&I driven agency, we understand the importance of diversity, culture, and connection.

We work hard to understand your organisation's unique needs and we look beyond skillsets to find the right fit for your company's culture.  

Data Analytics

DE&I Workshops

Our recruitment process is data-driven. From selecting candidates, to creating hiring plans, we use data to remain efficient, reduce costs, and improve our clients' hiring and retention. 

We offer DE&I workshops that help businesses stay up-to-date with the latest diversity practices. Our workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging, and provide businesses with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in curating a positive and inclusive culture. 

On Working With Grow Talent

Harvey helped source resources for me whilst I was leading a rapid and complicated cloud transformation project at SecurePay. Harvey was the only recruiter who took the time to understand the very specific requirements I had for individual roles, and unlike the glut of keyword-matched mediocrity that other agencies would flood me with, when Harvey brought someone to me, I knew they had been vetted accurately and all I needed was a cursory interview for final validation. It is this understanding of contextual requirements, the appreciation that my time was limited and the ultimate quality of the resources we ended up hiring that have me going back to speak to Harvey time and time again, and always first.

- Tom Walker, Director of Cloud Architecture

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