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Small Business. Big Dreams.

Grow Talent is a family owned and operated, multi-national, boutique agency specialising in diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I) within the technology space. Co-Founders Harvey Richmond & Samantha Farber are bringing humanity and personal connection back into the recruitment process. Their care and keen perspective on the ever-changing world of technology, culture and leadership make them poised to help clients reach the very best possible outcomes with their recruitment and executive searches.

Grow Talent Co-Founders, Harvey and Samantha


Disrupt the hiring process by bringing human connection to the forefront of our practice. By partnering with progressive, ethically driven and diverse organisations to promote the importance of DE&I as well as the Pillars of Sustainability.

It is our mission to help businesses create a diverse and inclusive workplace by connecting employers with talented individuals from all backgrounds. 


At Grow Talent, we are committed to creating an equitable future for the tech industry by empowering qualified candidates with the career opportunities they deserve with organisations who share our values.

We strive to cultivate a space where everyone can reach their full potential and bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Hyde Park, London, UK Businesses
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