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Executive Search

Leadership in Australia has undergone a radical shift, exposing a critical gap in the country’s leadership capability. At Grow Talent, we understand the immense pressure organisations face when seeking executive leadership who can navigate this evolving landscape successfully.

"But it's not a faith in technology.

It's a faith in people."

- Steve Jobs

Executive Network & Diversity

Executive Search

Our executive search function specialises in recruiting across the C-Suite, inclusive of technology and operations - CEO, CTO, CIO, COO, General Managers & Managing Directors. We have a proven track record in identifying and securing top-tier talent for various critical roles.

The Power of Networks

Harnessing the power of our extensive executive network, our dedicated search team utilises expert research capabilities, AI and customises rigorous search methodologies to meet the unique needs of each client. We cultivate and nurture deep talent pools through our specialist recruitment process, positioning ourselves at the centre of thriving talent ecosystems.

Our executive search practice extends its reach beyond Australia to tap into exceptional C-Suite and executive leadership talent on a global scale. Our client base encompasses a diverse range of public and private enterprises, private equity-backed firms, and family owned businesses.

Driving Diversity
& Inclusion

As a leading executive search agency and specialist recruiter, Grow Talent recognises its privileged role in fostering positive change across industries. We are dedicated to helping our clients unlock the benefits of diverse teams and foster and inclusive culture.

We firmly believe that diversity and inclusion must be championed from the top-down, with leadership actively representing and driving these values. Our executive search practice excels in identifying and attracting the right executive talent who can spearhead and embed organisational change, working alongside organisations to foster diverse and inclusive teams and cultures.

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